Beware! It’s Raccoon Breeding Season

Did you know that mid-February to April is the prime time for raccoon breeding? It’s true! This means that in a few short weeks, there will be brand new toddler raccoons roaming the woods, cricks, forests, and unfortunately, residential neighborhoods. Thus, adding to the already abundant amount of wild coons living nearby. This is troubling for property owners near these naturally wooded areas and watering holes. Although new life is a wonderful thing, this time of year there are still some things to beware of; especially if you have experienced raccoon issues before.

Signs Raccoons Leave Behind

There are various hints, signs, and evidence that suggest raccoon intrusion. Indoors, if you experience scratching and rattling noises in the evening, this could mean you have raccoons in your chimney, crawl space, roof, or attic. The noises will sound peculiar but consistent, and may even sound like high pitched squeaks. This could mean there are baby raccoons inside your home that have just been born.

Outside, look for evidence that points toward raccoon invasion. You can look for paw prints in sand, dirt, and mulch. Also, if your trash cans are being ripped open nightly, you could have a family of raccoons nearby looking for food. If gardens are tampered with, roof shingles go missing, and bird feeders are being ripped down, there may be a colony of raccoons living on or next to your property.

Raccoon Prevention

To prevent new colonies of raccoons invading your property this spring and summer, take note of some precautionary measures. To reduce the likelihood of raccoons invading your yard, do not make your property attractive to them in the first place. This means, do not leave trash or garbage cans outside, do not leave pet food outdoors, trim tree limbs close to your roof, and call a local raccoon control company to finish the job with some professional touches. They retain the proper equipment, knowledge, and technologies to safely remove raccoons and implicate prevention strategies to avoid a future intrusion. Calling a professional is crucial because if there are already raccoons near your property, they may be inside your home as well. It is important to have a professional inspect first, to entirely eliminate a raccoon infestation problem.

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