Call Windy City Wildlife for Emergency Chicago Raccoon Removal!

Sometimes a sneaky raccoon can find its way into your home without you having the faintest idea. And you then discover this clever raccoon when you least expect it! Since raccoons are known carriers of the Rabies virus, and also common carriers of several other contagious and infection diseases, it is in your best interest to get that raccoon out of your house and away from your family as quickly as possible. But in the busy town of Chicago, where are you going to find immediate raccoon control and removal service this late at night? Well at Windy City Wildlife, of course!

Chicago Raccoon Removal You Can Trust

Windy City Wildlife is a locally owned and operated raccoon removal and control company that provides 24 hour emergency service for both residential and commercial properties. So no matter how late at night, or early in the morning you find a raccoon in your home, we will be there for you in a flash! We are highly trained and DNR licensed raccoon control contractors with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. We only use safe, non-lethal methods to extract raccoons and exclude them from your entire property.

Aside from emergency raccoon removal, we also provide a wide range of additional raccoon control services, including attic restoration for minor damages caused by raccoons, as well as, raccoon cleanup, prevention, and more! So you see, Windy City Wildlife is your one-stop-shop for raccoon removal service in Chicago, IL and its surrounding areas!

Receive Free Advice and Request Free Estimates!

Call us anytime at 773-913-0011 for prompt and professional Chicago raccoon removal and emergency service you can trust. We maintain the most competitive prices in town, and even offer free estimates and free advice. When you find a raccoon in your house at the most inconvenient time of day, we are the professionals that can conveniently provide safe and humane raccoon removal at a price you can afford. Call 773-913-0011 to learn more about protecting your home from raccoons, today.

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