Common Raccoon Behaviors that Lead to Costly Property Repairs

If you own residential or commercial property near wooded or forested areas, then you may eventually experience some issues with nuisance wildlife. This includes woodpeckers, opossums, bats, snakes, and of course, raccoons. Out of all the problems a property owner can experience when it comes to nuisance wildlife, raccoons are the most capable of destroying homes. This is because they are clever and highly motivated mammals.

They have dexterous paws that allow them to grip and grasp just as a human could. This ability gives them the power to open doors, pry off roof shingles, dig through garbage, and much more. On top of their pest-like behavior, they can also carry a plethora of diseases and illnesses. Because raccoons are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night and sleep in the day, people are not as likely to spot them in action; so instead, here are some signs to look out for that point toward common raccoon behavior. This will let you know if you have a raccoon problem or not.

Garbage Can Bandit

Do you have a mysterious trash can culprit rummaging through your garbage at night; then leaving a huge and unsightly mess to clean up the next morning? This may be a sign that you have raccoons coming to your property. Raccoons are notorious for stealing food scraps from residential trash cans and commercial receptacles. They are attracted to easy food sources; and leftover food scraps in an open trash can is hitting the jackpot for them. Avoid taking your garbage cans out the night before trash day; instead, take out the trash the day of trash pickup. Although this isn’t a very costly “repair”, it is still a huge indicator that raccoons are trespassing onto your property. If you can stop the problem there, then you can dodge the really costly property owner repairs that could happen.

Roof Damage

Re-roofing a home or building is not a cheap service. On top of paying for labor and product, you have to take time out of your own schedule to supervise the entire replacement process. This situation can all start with just one raccoon. Raccoons are also known for ripping off and prying open roof shingles to find entry points into a warm, dark, cozy, shelter. Raccoons want inside our properties to gain relief from the cold and breed their young. If you do not notice the initial roof damage, overtime, rot and mold can cause further harm, leading to a more costly repair. Once they gain entry, there is more potential for structural damages.

Interior Damages

Once inside, raccoons use attics, crawl spaces, and in-wall corridors to eat, sleep, and breed. This is all a messy process. Raccoon waste can saturate dry wall, ceilings, and other interior structures. This weakens them, leaving potential for collapsing or caving in; however, it also creates a terrible odor that will eventually drift into the living quarters of the home or building. Raccoons can also chew through electrical wiring, tear down insulation, and much more.

If you are spotting raccoons on your property, or may think you have a raccoon problem, then be sure to act fast. This way, you can avoid all the potential damages caused by raccoons. The best strategy is to call a professional raccoon control specialist that can give you advice on raccoon prevention, removal, and damage restoration.

Windy City Wildlife

Call Windy City Wildlife at 773-491-8420 for safe and humane raccoon removal and control in Chicago, Illinois today. We are DNR licensed and experienced wildlife rescue and control technicians that offer both residential and commercial raccoon removal services. In addition to raccoon removal and control, we also offer DIY advice, inspections, emergency service, minor structural damage repairs, and more. Call 773-491-8420 for prompt and professional raccoon removal in Chicago, IL today.

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