Health and Consequences Associated With Raccoon Droppings and Debris

There are many health risks involved with you and your home being exposed to raccoon droppings, often times referred to as raccoon scat. Anyone dealing with raccoon scat should take precaution. One health risk associated with raccoon scat is roundworm. Most people would have guessed rabies, but rabies is transferred through saliva, not fecal and urine matter. Roundworm will lay eggs in the raccoon droppings and the eggs can be picked up by humans or pets. Accidentally ingesting these eggs will result in violent nausea, blindness, organ failure, and even death. Entering a raccoon den or an area that has been contaminated by raccoons is not for a novice. It needs to be handled with the correct care and attention of a professional.

Take Precaution around a Raccoon Mess

One important aspect to note about raccoon removal from attics or other areas is to never actually touch or pick up the raccoon scat or any mess left behind from nesting or playing. These are contaminated items and can easily be picked up by humans and pets, as well as carried through the air vent systems in the home or property. When professionals complete a raccoon removal job in Chicago, IL, they wear proper gear and uniform to protect themselves from these contaminates. Usually, ordinary families do not have this type of professional equipment on hand for these situations, so extra precaution is advised. The sooner you realize you have a raccoon in the attic or other part of your property, to immediately take care of the situation. The longer raccoons reside inside these cavities, the more damage and health risks they cause.

Hire a Professional Raccoon Removal Company in Chicago, Illinois

Professionals are always recommended to carry out these raccoon removal and clean-up jobs in Chicago. They have the necessary equipment, industry knowledge and training, as well as the correct licenses to remove and relocate raccoons. Often times, these companies can also offer restoration and repair services alongside their raccoon removal services. Be sure to contact your home owners insurance company to check what your coverage is regarding raccoon damages in your attic and crawl spaces.

Chicago Raccoon Removal is a professional raccoon control company that has been serving Chicago, Illinois for over 25 years. We have worked alongside numerous insurance companies, developing work and payment plans to fit everyone’s schedule. We are DNR licensed and insured, and recognized by the NWCOA. Call us today at 773-491-8420 for a free estimate on raccoon removal and restoration services in Chicago, Illinois.

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