How to Get Rid of Nuisance Raccoons

Getting rid of raccoons near your home or property is a job for a professional raccoon removal technician; however, there are a few ways a person can help prevent raccoon invasion on their property without putting themselves or the raccoon in any danger. Keep reading to learn why raccoons are attracted to residential areas, and how to prevent their return.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Wild raccoons are attracted to residential and commercialized areas because of all the free amenities they can find. One common mistake home and property owners make is leaving garbage cans or trash receptacles outside, overnight. Raccoons are a nocturnal species, meaning they are active at night. Garbage is like a free buffet for their colonies. They are known to use their highly dexterous paws to tear through trash bags and pull out anything they find desirable. They are also known to leave this mess behind for the owners to clean up the next morning. A simple and full-proof way to prevent this situation from repeating itself, always bring your garbage out the morning of trash day. If this is not an option, you can also purchase trash can locks that can deter raccoons from opening the receptacle.

Another DIY way to prevent raccoons from entering your grounds is to have your property inspected for cracks in the siding, loose roof shingles, holes in the gutter, and more. Determining the vulnerability of your home or building can better prepare you for future break ins. Repair and close up any access points is similar to these, in order to avoid more raccoon invasion issues.

Homeowners are frequently guilty of leaving pet food outdoors. This is a very common practice, and doesn’t affect the value of the dog food at all; however, it does attract raccoons. Dog and cat food is like candy for wild raccoons. They love pet food and will remember any house or building that has it outside waiting for them. If you notice the pet bowls are empty in the morning, and the pets aren’t to blame, you may have discovered the reason behind your raccoon problem.

Professional Raccoon Removal

If these are not areas of concern when it comes to the nuisance raccoons on your property, perhaps a professional raccoon control specialist can answer any questions you have about protecting your place from raccoon infestation. A trained raccoon removal technician can determine the cause behind why the raccoons are coming back every night.

To contact a trained professional about how to get rid of nuisance raccoons, call Windy City Wildlife in Chicago, IL. You can reach a live professional raccoon removal and control specialist anytime at 773-491-8420. We are DNR licensed and insured to remove raccoons safely and humanely. We never kill or harm raccoons. We are highly trained experts with decades of experience in the animal control industry. We can help you get rid of raccoons near your residential home, or commercial property. We offer free estimates, DIY advice, and general raccoon information. As a locally owned and operated company, we offer the fairest rates and prices in town. Visit our website at, or call us about how to get rid of raccoons in Chicago, Illinois.

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