Install Vent Screens to Keep Raccoons Out of the Attics

The vents that lead in and out of your attic are prime spots for raccoons and other nuisance wildlife to use as easy access points to the inside of your home. For this reason, screening your vents is a critical part of home security and protection. Vent screens should be properly installed and intact at all times. It is best to check on your vent screens as often as possible, and even more-so during seasons of high animal activity. One of the biggest mistakes is improper installation. When your attic’s vent screens are not placed properly, they will fail to do their job.

Vent Screening Tips

Always try to install vent screens on the outside of the vent. If you choose to install them on the inside, small nuisance animals, like bats and birds, can still use the purgatory space between the screen and the vent as a place to nest. Although screening on the exterior of a home is not ideal for homeowners that take pride in the aesthetics of their home, there are other screening options that are more stylish. If you do not live near wooded or forested areas, you could probably get away with installing your vent screens on the inside, but it is best to discuss this with a licensed wildlife control technician for professional advice regarding your property’s unique attributes.

Recommended Attic Vent Screens on the Market:

• VentGuard® Wildlife Exclusion Screen
11” x 11” Galvanized Black $40

• Kwick Mesh Utility Screen Roll
12” x 20ft. $40

• VentGuard HY-C Soffit Screens
4” x 16” Various Colors $40

Windy City Wildlife

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