Remove Wild Raccoons from Your Attic

Raccoons are clever and sneaky creatures. They are intelligent and swift, which makes them good at “breaking and entering” into our attic spaces. Although raccoons are nature’s friends, we do not want to catch them in our homes, ever! Raccoons can cause a lot of trouble the longer they remain inside your house. Read on to learn what to do if you find raccoons in your attic.

Get Rid of Raccoons in the Attic

Raccoons typically dwell within dens or hollow trees, where they hibernate for the winter and breed in the spring. They feed and nest their young and use these spaces as their homes. Due to over-construction and new development, raccoons are being forced to find shelter among our residential and commercial neighborhoods. This is why they are being discovered in garages, sheds, crawl spaces, and attics all over the U.S. They can squeeze through tiny openings in rooftops, siding, and cellars. They use these entrances to gain access to the dark, isolated, cozy spots within our homes; the most popular space being the attic.

Raccoons are a very serious problem to have because they create huge messes that lead to costly repairs and restorations for homeowners. They chew through electrical wiring, rip down insulation, saturate the area with urine and feces, and much more. The degree of damages depends on the length of time they were living in the attic. Sometimes, the attic dry wall and insulation can become so saturated that it can begin to leak through the ceilings in the main living spaces of the home. It is also known to create unpleasant odors in these same areas.

A Professional Raccoon Removal Company

If you notice signs that you may have raccoons living in your attic, then contact a professional raccoon removal specialist right away. Such signs include: squeaking and scratching noises, a noticeable odor indoors, or discoloration or wet spots in the ceiling. A licensed raccoon control company can remove raccoons, restore any structural damages, and facilitate restoration and odor removal all once.

To remove raccoons in your attic, just call our DNR licensed and insured Raccoon Removal Technicians in Chicago, Illinois! We use safe and humane methods to remove raccoons from residential and commercial properties. Our highly trained and qualified raccoon removal specialists have decades of experience and offer free advice, estimates, and more. You can reach us at 773-491-8420, or visit our Chicago IL Raccoon Control Services website any time.

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