The 3 Primary Dangers of Raccoons

Get Rid of Raccoons 773-491-8420

Get Rid of Raccoons 773-491-8420

Wild raccoons are interesting and intelligent mammals, and right now it is prime season for them to be out and about, looking for food, shelter, and anything else they can gather up. But they are also dangerous nuisances to have loitering around your home or commercial lot. There are numerous reasons why wild raccoons are dangerous, but there are three primary dangers that property owners should look out for this season. Continue reading to learn what these three dangers are and how to avoid them.

❶ A Danger to Adults and Children

Raccoons are known carriers of several dangerous infectious diseases. One of the most well-known disease is the Rabies virus. Although humans rarely die from Rabies, it is a dangerous disease that can cause life-threatening reactions. Children are more susceptible to becoming infected with a raccoon virus because they may not understand the dangers of raccoons. A stranded or sick raccoon is sometimes an attraction for children, and one wrong touch can mean becoming infected with a disease it is carrying. Other diseases include Leptospirosis, roundworm, lice, and more.

❷ A Danger to Pets

Common victims of raccoon attacks and disease are pets like cats and dogs. These are naturally curious animals, so if they see a wild raccoon, they may be inclined to check them out. Sniffing dogs are commonly scratched or bitten, while cats can be attacked or mistaken as another raccoon. There is no cure for Rabies, and other diseases are difficult to treat in pets. This is why pet vaccines are so important.

❸ A Danger to Property

Aside from health and safety concerns, raccoons are known to cause extreme structural damage to residential and commercial properties. They have human-like paws, with dexterous fingers and long claws. This makes them agile climbers and expert trespassers. They can use their skills to pry open soffits, tear off roof shingles, rip out floorboards, and much more, all to find their way inside your home. And once they are inside, the damage is exponential. They chew through electrical wiring, soil walls and ceilings with urine and feces, rip down insulation, and much more.

What To Do About Nuisance Raccoons

Contact a DNR licensed and insured raccoon removal contractor if you are having raccoon problems around your property. They can remove raccoons safely and humanely, develop a plan to raccoon-proof your home or office, and deliver workable solutions for raccoon damages.

Chicago Raccoon Removal

Chicago Raccoon Removal 773-490-8420

Chicago Raccoon Removal 773-490-8420

Call Chicago Raccoon Removal at 773-491-8420 for help with a nuisance raccoon control problem. We specialize in safe and humane raccoon removal and control, at the most competitive prices in town. From raccoon removal and control, to raccoon cleanup and attic restoration, our DNR licensed and insured contractors can get you back to normal in a time frame that’s convenient for you. Call 773-491-8420 for fast and affordable raccoon removal in Chicago, IL today.

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