The Evidence Raccoons Leave Behind

Do you want to know whether or not your home is secretly subjected to raccoon trespassing and infestation? Well if it is, the signs are certainly out there; you just have to know where to look and what to look for. Raccoons are clever and nimble mammals, but they are not savvy enough to make a clean escape. Raccoons leave behind signs of their visit; evidence that can be used to confirm a raccoon problem. Continue reading to learn about the types of evidence raccoons leave behind after trespassing onto your property.

Signs of Raccoon Trouble

A comprehensive inspection is the best place to start when it comes to either confirming or tackling a raccoon problem. In fact, routine inspections are the best preventative maintenance for raccoon infestations and trouble. This is especially true for homes with wooded lots or homes located near heavily-wooded areas.

During your inspection, you will need to address outdoor and indoor areas of the home. This includes outdoor sheds, storage units, tree houses, and any other place a wild animal could hide or access. Be sure to inspect the major areas of the home first, such as the roof, garage, crawl space, attic, areas beneath the porch or patio, and the interior of the walls. These are common places for raccoons to nest, feed, and reproduce. Here’s what to look for:

Common Evidence of Raccoon Activity:

• Outdoor Paw Tracks (Use a coat of flour to detect mammal tracks)
• Structural Damages (i.e. Fallen roof shingles, bent gutters, scratch marks, etc.)
• Animal Droppings
• Visibly Spotting a Raccoon or Raccoons
• Strange Sounds or Scuffling Noises (i.e. On the roof, inside the walls, in the attic, etc.)
• Rifled Outdoor Trash Cans
• Missing Vegetables from the Garden
• Potted Plants Dug Up
• Outdoor Pet Food Missing
• Foul Odors Coming From Attic or Other Interior Area of a Home
• And More

During the inspection, it is important to locate and identify vulnerable areas that could be accessed by wild animals like raccoons, and seal these areas fast. Seal gaps in siding, windows, and doors, and close off any access points to under porches and patios. Also, replace loose or broken roof shingles and remove all outdoor attractions like garbage and pet food. It is strongly encouraged to hire a professional raccoon removal and control company for accurate inspections and services.

Windy City Wildlife – Chicago, IL

Call Windy City Wildlife at 773-491-8420 for 24 hour raccoon removal and control in Chicago, Illinois and its surrounding counties. We are DNR licensed, insured, and experienced raccoon control contractors that provide a wide range of residential and commercial services for raccoon problems, including raccoon removal, raccoon-proofing, raccoon cleanup, and more. Call 773-491-8420 to learn more about getting rid of raccoons in Chicago, IL today.

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