What You Should Do if a Raccoon Attacks

Raccoons are very intelligent and ambitious creatures. They are known to trespass onto residential and commercial properties for the purpose of finding food or shelter. When this happens, property owners become worried that they are at risk of a raccoon attack. In most cases, raccoons will not attack unless they are incessantly provoked; even then, they are still unlikely to attack.

The most common circumstances in which a raccoon attack another human or animal is if the raccoon is ill or protecting their young. However, this does not mean that the raccoon attacks do not occur. If you or your pet is attacked by a raccoon, it is important to take immediate action. Continue reading to learn you should do in such a case, and how to protect your home from raccoon intrusions.

Human Attacks

Because raccoons are common carriers of several dangerous and infectious diseases, you must act quickly if you ever scratched or bitten by raccoon. Not only do raccoons carry infectious diseases, their saliva is full of bacteria that can be extremely dangerous if it somehow enters your bloodstream, either through an existing open wound, eyes, or mouth. That is why it is important to immediately visit a nearby walk-in clinic or emergency room regardless of how minor you think your injuries may be. You may require vaccinations or medication to prevent illness and infection.

Pet Attacks

Pets like dogs and cats may come into contact with the wild raccoon and anytime. If they come in contact with the wrong raccoon, they could experience an attack as well. In fact, it is more common for dogs to be attacked by raccoons that it is for humans because dogs are curious and tend to provoke raccoons more than humans do. In the case that your doctor is bitten or injured by a wild raccoon, you must immediately take them to your vet. If your veterinarian offices closed, take them to a 24 hour emergency veterinary clinic. An accident like this cannot wait till the next morning so be sure you use a 24 hour clinic is your vet offices closed.

Chicago Removal and Control

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